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Seriously, you rock. It (my new CD cover and CD) looks great. Wow. I love the font. First impression…lovely. Blue. inviting. I like the light coming out from around the door. Cool. How the trees frame the top, the shift in color from the bluish to the greenish. It’s really nice. It’s great. I love it.
~Jen Hajj, Indie Solo Recording Artist

When one is consistently surrounded by excellence, it is easy to take it for granted. I am particularly guilty of that. For years your engineering and production expertise as well as your creative input has been unsurpassed and during the grueling recording schedule of "A Minor Miracle" starring John Huston, it was brilliantly apparent!

Despite all the external demands for your attention and time, you persisted relentlessly far beyond any sane point of exhaustion. It is a joy and privilege to know you and I want to thank you for making my music sound better than anyone else could ever have!
~ Rick Patterson, Musical Director - CA

I wish you continued success, you do fantastic work. There is Dan Milner, and the rest of the world in a distant second place.
~ LARRY CHRISTENSEN - principal - IA

I just wanted you to know the AU yearbook is an absolute work of art from you. No kidding. I have sent some of your stuff over to Europe , and Jeff Horn in the U.K. wants you to do his new catalog for this year.
~ Vic DeBrouwer - We Be Three lofts - NV

The AU Yearbook was once again a huge success. Much of its appeal has to go to Dan Milner who beautifully designed the covers and a number of the interior color ads. It's a tribute to his artistic talents.

The cover you designed for my new catalog looks awesome! It is truly far better than I ever imagined. Your talent is unparalleled!

You never cease to amaze me with your talent! Your work is ALWAYS imaginative, innovative and fresh. Your hard work always shows with the end result that you are giving your clients the best you possibly can when it comes to advertising their products. It's been a pleasure working so closely with you in improving the quality of the Digest. I appreciate your help, expertise and your creative input. Best of all, I've met someone who I am honored to call my friend! You're the best Dan! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
~ Trish Fry - Racing Pigeon Digest - LA

What wonderful work you do. My web page design, logo, and business cards you designed and created are even beyond my expectations. You are worth your weight in Gold.
~ Jesse Cripps - Wings of Hope - CA

Dan, I don't know where you ever learned how to create ads like this, but you are truly the very best graphic artist in the world for the sport! I love the ad you did for me.
~ FALCO EBBEN - The Netherlands

Thank you for your diligent craftsmanship on my ad. The responses I have received from all over the country have been fantastic. Words like; "Clean", "Classy", "Gorgeous" is what I am hearing. Overall one of the finest ads they have ever seen. Thank you again.
~ F.J. FROBOSE / Frobose Devriendts - CA

There is no question, you are the very best there is. Your work is the very best, number 1, first class. My ads have never looked so good, ever.
~ CHRIS PEEMAN / Oak Haven Farms - TX

You do absolutely super work! I can't wait until everyone sees this ad you did for me. I have showed it to some other clients, and they said "Damn, I have to get him to do one for me". They will be calling you soon. Thanks again Dan, I am really excited. Great job, I am very happy!
~ Richard Gall, Gall & Son - PA

Dan, I feel privileged to have your services. I had not contacted you before because I assumed you were too busy, or more expensive than I could afford. However, nothing is a bargain if you are not pleased with it, and I just haven't been pleased with the other two designers I used. ALL OF THE WORK i have seen from you has been beautiful, and seemingly RIGHT ON TARGET for whatever your clients wanted to convey, therefore, I too look forward to a long and mutually rewarding working relationship.
~ Curtis Clay - Phyxius - OH

Dan, I am thrilled with the cards. Everyone that sees them applauds your talent. I'm looking forward to seeing the letterhead, labels, etc. Thank you so much!
~ Becky Clark, Realtor - NC

Dan, Your work in magazines has impressed me. I print high quality work day after day and must say that you have superb vision.
~ John LaMantia - modernpostcard.com - CA

Hi Dan, Outstanding work I must say, I am delighted with this new ad! As I said yesterday it is totally different from the work I had in mind but again with your Dan Milner magic this work can only be described as world class. At this moment in time your art work is second to none which puts you in a league above the rest. Anyone can purchase the software for designing these images but its having the images in your mind that gives you the big advantage. Thanks again.
~ Mark Evans - U.K.

The new ads and image you created for us looks absolutely gorgeous. Total class and high end. Everyone also loves the new jingle you produced for us as well, from the stations to our customers and staff!"
~ Jeff Magee - Owner - Aspire Furniture - CA

Dan, Some words of appreciation on behalf of the fine work you have done for us. Your professional approach to our sometimes demanding situations gives us all the confidence we need in your ability to produce quality results for us, Thank you so very much!
~ Bill Butler - Cineira Corp. - CA

A note of appreciation for your efforts on behalf of our latest LA-Z-BOY commercial, "Front Row Center", Your engineering and production expertise as well as your constant demand for excellence were key factors in getting this strong commercial on the air.

All of use in the San Diego Media community need your talent. We at Kenneth Smith look forward with more successes with your help!
~ Mark Bailey - Director - Kenneth Smith & Assoc. - CA

Thanks so much for your unfailing professionalism, your willingness to work late hours, your innate sense of responsibility, your ability to meet formidable deadlines, your excellent ear and your masterful electronic wizardry, I've pulled many a radio spot out of my hat this year! Many, many thanks!
~ Elizabeth Flynn - Senior Writer - Lane & Huff - CA

Our Toyota campaign is nearly over and along with our thanks for a job well done, we want to let you know how pleased our client is with the success of the campaign. 96% of the adult population are hearing your well-produced spots every week! We would like to express our appreciation for your professionalism and once again tell you its a pleasure working with you.
~ Suzanne Dupree - The Ad Group - CA

I've owned many businesses over the past forty years and hired Ad Men from across the U.S. for my business promotions, however, I've never had anyone who was more creative and concerned about the success of a promotion than Dan Milner.
~ Rick Hess - Goldfish Connection - PA

Dan, I wanted to let you know how much we love what you have done for us. The jingle is wonderful. We have even had radio stations CALL US to say that it is a joy to air! After all the years we have worked together, you still amaze me, how do you do that?"
~ Rick Bullini - GM / Partner Toyota of Escondido - CA

Dan, I can't thank you enough! I knew you would know what my ad should look like! I really love it! Thank you!
~ Cathy Metivier - Cathy's Birds and Things

I love the new image for my site, Dan! As a former art publisher for 10 years I've worked with hundreds of talented artists, and brokered their art for licensing deals. I'm not a novice in the art, image, and graphic worlds. But you took my breathe away on this one, Dan.

I'm so excited with your work & dedication on my site and my clients' sites.Beyond that, you somehow manage the process with wit, humor, and personality--you're the best!"
~ Colleen Hitchcock, President, Leopard Spot Books & Entertainment - MN

I saw some of your work over in Bejing, China during a trip over there, and thought, now this is something very special. I had to contact you for my new logo, correspondence stationary and my new catalog. You do fantastic work Dan, have never seen any better anywhere in the world. Thank you so much for my new logo and design, I will gladly represent you over here in England to send more work your way.
~ Jeff Horn - England

Everyone keeps telling me what a great job I am doing running this year's race. I tell them the ONLY thing I did right was hire Dan Milner.
~ Carl Loizzi - FVC Snowbird Race Chairman - CA

Dan, Your fine work and attention to detail has assured your alliance with us for many years to come. Thank you once again for the extra effort, your time, and your lack of sleep to make sure the deadlines were met to perfection. You are truly appreciated.
~ Art Annecharico - MCA Television - CA

AWESOME JOB....PERFECT...We are very very happy! THANK YOU DAN MILNER,,, YOU DO ROCK ! The ad and the new cards are out of this world, I love them! I am so excited, this is exactly what I wanted! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
~ Gloria & Frank DeMattia - NY

Awesome!!! Thank you very much for all of your help Dan we really appreciate it and are very happy with the final product.
~ Melanie Kellogg - Mor Furniture for Less - REGIONAL

~ Craig Culver - Author - CA

The ad looks Fantastic! Thank you for your brilliant work but once again.
~ Roland Gutierrez - TX

Milner has taken this beyond what anyone else has ever done, its total class!!
~ Frank Tasker - "The Winner's Journal" - England

The postcard you designed and mailed for us was a HUGE success! We had 5 $20,000 days in a row and we saw a ton of new customers come into the store.

I am very pleased with the outcome; lets keep pushing in this direction so we can build our customer base and so we can have a bigger budget next mailing!
~ Ricardo A. Lopez, owner - Shore Total Office - CA

There are hundreds more - Contact me today and get on the list of happy satisfied clients! If my ads didn't work, they wouldn't keep hiring me!

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